We are Clear Neutral.

Clear Neutral is committed to leading the way towards a more sustainable future. We achieve this by working with organisations to both aggressively estimate and conservatively offset the carbon footprint of their lab-grown diamonds.

Until now, there has been no reliable way to determine the carbon footprint of a lab-grown diamond in a specialised, user friendly and traceable way.

Clear Neutral has stepped in to fill that need.

Our Mission

Our company's mission is to promote carbon neutrality and help reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change. To achieve this, we are committed to assisting organisations in offsetting their lab grown diamond carbon footprints and acting on their responsibility to protect the planet.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where offsetting is the norm, and businesses can operate sustainably without compromising on their competitive advantages or harming the environment. We are proud to lead the way towards a more sustainable future, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

Our Commitment

At Clear Neutral, we are staunchly committed to the cause of global sustainability and
environmental preservation. Our commitment is twofold:

1. To our partners, we pledge to provide accurate, reliable, and trustworthy carbon neutrality certification services that empower businesses to understand and reduce their carbon footprints.

2. To our planet, we pledge to champion a culture of sustainability and promote best practices in carbon offsetting, serving as a beacon for environmental responsibility in the world of business.

Our Contributions

• Advancing Mining-Free Processes
• Empowering Green Businesses
• Promoting Circular Economy
• Expanding Environmental Awareness
• Supporting Clean Energy Initiatives
• Inspiring Industry-Wide Change
• Boosting Community Development
• Strengthening Global Climate Action

Our Function as an Impartial Intermediary

Clear Neutral serves as an impartial intermediary by:

• Providing Unbiased Assessments: We carry out independent assessments of the carbon footprint of our partner companies, ensuring that there are no conflicts of interest that could influence the outcome.

• Ensuring Transparency: We maintain full transparency in our calculations, processes, and offset projects. All parties involved have access to pertinent information, fostering trust in our operations.

• Advocating for Environmental Responsibility: As an impartial body, we advocate for sound environmental practices in businesses we certify, promoting a healthier planet.

• Facilitating Offset Projects: We connect businesses with effective carbon offset projects, ensuring that their efforts contribute genuinely to mitigating climate change.

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