Clear Neutral in Europe

Pioneering a Sustainable Path for the Diamond Industry in Europe

Welcome to Clear Neutral Europe, the regional extension of our worldwide commitment to
instil sustainability and endorse carbon neutrality in the lab grown diamond industry.

Our Presence

Clear Neutral has a robust and far-reaching presence throughout Europe. We collaborate with an array of local and international entities who share our dedication to environmental preservation, thus underscoring our resolution to propagate sustainable change across the continent.

Our Work

In Europe, our focus is on minimising the carbon footprint of lab grown diamonds, promoting environmentally-friendly, mining-free processes, and supporting businesses in their green transitions. Further, we invest in carbon offset projects that align with local needs and our global sustainability objectives.

Our Impact

• Advocating Mining-Free Processes: We endorse the transition towards lab grown diamonds, thus alleviating the environmental and social concerns linked to traditional diamond mining.

Carbon Offset Initiatives: We instigate and contribute to diverse carbon offset projects across Europe, encompassing renewable energy efforts and reforestation programmes.

Fostering Community Development: Our endeavours often lead to job creation and socio-economic advancement, aiding the growth of a sustainable and equitable future.

Promoting Education and Awareness: We actively foster awareness and provide education to local businesses and communities about the critical importance of carbon neutrality and environmental accountability.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We take pride in our partnerships with numerous organisations and businesses across Europe, all united by a common commitment to
sustainability. These collaborations are integral to our mission of advancing carbon neutrality within the diamond industry and beyond.

Join Our Mission

Whether you are a business aiming to decrease your carbon footprint, an individual desirous of joining our team, or a community
member interested in learning more about our initiatives, we warmly welcome you to join us in effecting a positive impact.