Clear Neutral in Oceania

Guiding a Sustainable Journey for the Diamond Industry in Oceania

Welcome to Clear Neutral Oceania, the regional branch of our global mission to foster
sustainability and advocate carbon neutrality in the lab grown diamond industry.

Our Presence

Clear Neutral has an expansive and influential presence across Oceania. We partner with a diverse network of local and international organisations dedicated to environmental conservation, thus emphasising our commitment to promoting sustainable change across the continent.

Our Work

In Oceania, our focus is on diminishing the carbon footprint of lab grown diamonds, promoting sustainable, mining-free processes, and aiding businesses in their green transitions. Moreover, we invest in locally relevant carbon offset initiatives that resonate with our global sustainability goals.

Our Impact

• Encouraging Mining-Free Processes: We support the transition towards lab grown diamonds, thus addressing the environmental and social challenges tied to traditional diamond mining.

Carbon Offset Initiatives: We launch and support a range of carbon offset projects across Oceania, including renewable energy schemes and reforestation efforts.

Enhancing Community Development: Our projects often stimulate local employment and socio-economic development, fostering a sustainable and balanced future.

Promoting Education and Awareness: We actively cultivate awareness and impart education to local businesses and communities about the critical importance of carbon neutrality and environmental responsibility.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We take pride in our collaborations with numerous organisations and businesses across Oceania, all united by a shared commitment
to sustainability. These collaborations are vital in our mission to advance carbon neutrality within the diamond industry and beyond.

Join Our Mission

Whether you are a business seeking to reduce your carbon footprint, an individual desiring to join our team, or a community
member interested in understanding more about our initiatives, we welcome you to join us in driving positive change.