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Preparing for new environmental conditions.
A project must demonstrate that more carbon than normal is retained.
A government regulated carbon market that places a limit on GHG emissions.
Carbon Credit
A standardised unit that equals one metric ton of CO2e from a carbon offset project.
Carbon Cycle
The way carbon moves through the atmosphere, oceans and land.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
The most important GHG. Industry, electricity and transportation are its major sources.
Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e)
Amount of any GHG with similar warming to an amount of CO2
Carbon Flux
The fluctuations of CO2 in the atmosphere, oceans and land.
Carbon Footprint
The total amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted, either directly or indirectly.
Carbon Market
A system to reduce GHGs by putting a price on carbon and trading carbon credits.
Carbon Offset
Reducing sources of GHGs, or increasing storage of GHGs, to compensate for other GHG emissions.
Carbon Registry
Independent authority that approves, lists and tracks a carbon credit's ownership.
Carbon Sequestration
Storage of carbon for a long time.
Carbon Sink
A source that removes CO2 from the atmosphere.
Carbon Source
A source that places CO2 onto the atmosphere.
Carbon Tax
A fee for GHG emissions.
Climate Change
Changes in weather trends over time.
CO2 Emissions
Releases of CO2 into the atmosphere.
Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)
Business and investment behaviours that promote environmental sustainability and social equity.
Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)
Molecules in the atmosphere that retain heat, resulting in the greenhouse effect.
A project must demonstrate that carbon is not being released somewhere else.
Reducing sources of greenhouse gases (GHG) or increasing storage of GHGs.
A project must demonstrate that carbon is retained for a long time.