Certify Your Lab Grown Diamonds.

The certification process involves a series of 4 clear steps.


1. Initial consultation

Firstly, we collect data on the origins and quantity of lab-grown diamonds that will be offset. We then use this information to calculate emission levels, ensuring an aggressive estimate so the worst-case scenario is covered.

2. Carbon audit

Inspired by the internationally-recognised ISO 14060 family of standards and the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, this calculation is based on detailed literature research to quantify GHG emissions along the lab-grown diamond's value chain.

3. Implement carbon offset strategy

Clear Neutral will purchase any type of carbon credit necessary on the organisation's behalf. A carbon credit is a unit used to account for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, thereby mitigating carbon liability.

4. Certification and ongoing management

After the appropriate carbon is offset, the individual lab-grown diamond will become Clear Neutral-certified.

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Complimentary Services

Carbon Reduction Resources
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Why Certify Lab Grown Diamonds?

Clear Neutral estimates each lab-grown diamond's carbon footprint and purchases a conservative amount of carbon credits to offset them individually.

As a result, Clear Neutral-certified lab-grown-diamonds provide conscious consumers with a way to support businesses taking action on climate change and protecting the environment.
Environmental Harm Reduction
Reputation Enhancement
Brand Differentiation
Business Model Futureproofing
Sustainability Leadership
Public Awareness

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