Clear Neutral in Asia

Driving Sustainability in the Diamond Industry Across Asia

Welcome to Clear Neutral Asia, the regional component of our global commitment
to foster sustainability and promote carbon neutrality in the lab grown diamond industry.

Our Presence

Clear Neutral has an extensive and vibrant presence throughout Asia. We work in tandem with a diverse set of local and global partners committed to environmental stewardship, thereby exemplifying our dedication to seeding sustainable change across the continent.

Our Work

In Asia, we focus on reducing the carbon footprint of lab grown diamonds, advocating for eco-friendly, mining-free processes, and empowering green businesses. Additionally, we invest in locally-relevant carbon offset initiatives in line with our commitment to global sustainability.

Our Impact

• Championing Mining-Free Processes: We support the shift towards lab grown diamonds, mitigating the ecological and social challenges related to traditional diamond mining.

Carbon Offset Initiatives: We initiate and contribute to a wide array of carbon offset projects across the continent, including renewable energy ventures and afforestation efforts.

Stimulating Community Development: Our initiatives often lead to job creation and socio-economic improvements, building towards a sustainable and balanced future.

Enhancing Education and Awareness: We actively raise consciousness and provide education to local businesses and communities on the importance of carbon neutrality and environmental responsibility.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We're privileged to collaborate with a variety of organisations and businesses across Asia, all unified by a shared pledge to
sustainability. These partnerships play a pivotal role in our mission to advance carbon neutrality within the diamond industry and beyond.

Join Our Mission

Whether you are a business striving to minimise your carbon footprint, an individual interested in becoming part of
our team, or a community member curious about our initiatives, we invite you to join us in generating a positive impact.